Criticisms of Ourselves: What We Could Have Done Better

There were times where we simply weren’t working at an optimum level and on this occasions we were challenged, rightly so too. There were sometimes a feeling of reluctance at the obstacles ahead of us and this reluctance sometimes affected the atmosphere of our work environment. At the beginning this affected attendance, and with a low attendance it’s difficult to work cohesively as a group.

One example of how we failed in an objective is when we asked to bring stem files of all three demos. When it came to the time when we were meant to present them, there was actually only one song we had had stem files for. We had missed a deadline and in a professional environment, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we were dismissed. Subsequently by the next week we had managed to not only present stem files to our tutor. At this point we are already a week behind.

During the capturing process, we were presenting our progress to our tutor and he had occurred to us that not everyone knew the outputs of each instrument on the mixing disk as coherently as they should have (me included); this was a result of living things to only a select few individuals. Working as individuals rather than as a group will obviously become problematic in GROUP projects and it resulted in us presenting our progress quite in cohesively. Once again, in a professional scenario this would not only cause a lack of confidence to our clients regarding our competence (not to say that anyone on the team is incompetent).  Secondly if something is assigned and fully left to one individual, and circumstances such as illness emerge, then that will impair progress and the success rate of any project as the role won’t able to be filled while the other member is ill.

These are definitely moments of our experiences we as a group should all reflect on if we are to learn and grow. I firmly believe that it was unacceptable and in future scenarios it is more than likely won’t be tolerates by clients. Nonetheless an important learning curves. Even if it’s one we shouldn’t need.


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