Liaison Reflection and Filming “Distant” 


What was most interesting about working as Liaison between us and the media students is how quick liaison turned into “middle man”. Some of the negatives were very close to fully shadowing the positives. Firstly it became very apparent that both we and the groups we were collaborating with had very different ideas on how to achieve their goals. Some people who I had contact with (no names mentioned) didn’t necessarily seem indifferent but almost a lack of conviction and charisma. Let’s suggest that to achieve the goals of both groups we should follow this simple direction: we provide the music, they provide the video. However there were occasions where we asked if we wanted to be in the video or not, but we were told if not it would be fine. I feel as if the group I was representing would have been more responsive if it was changed to “we want you in our video” (provided the question of who was or wasn’t comfortable to be filmed).

One thing I would have definitely done differently would have been to fully brief the media students ourselves as a group. The media students had already heard the demos and groups had already made decisions on where the video was heading. That’s absolutely fine, but I feel we were not able to establish a common goal together. There were plenty of moments where it felt as if they were doing music videos….it just so happened they were using our music. What would have maybe made the transition smoother would have been to sit down with each group and go through exactly what was happening more thoroughly.

What I found to be incredibly problematic is trying to meet the needs of everyone. This was an obstacle especially when arranging the afternoon that we filmed the video for “Distant”. It was on a day where we (as a group) were not necessarily required to be at college/university at all. There was certainly reluctance in individuals to have to put in extra work especially on our “day off”; admittedly I did feel some reluctance also. I had to put into consideration when other members of the group had work commitments and also travel arrangements as some lived outside of our location (I’d like to mention that this was a day suggested by the media students so I am to assume they had no issues with the day we had agreed). Having a deadline to meet and time running out it eventually came down to just three of us being willing to be filmed on this day…..what I should also mention is that one member of the team was the vocalist and guitars, one individual was the lead guitarist and then you had myself who was actually only captured on vocal harmonies of the second chorus. Subsequently we had no drummer to even mime in sync with the music. As a result I had to stand in as drummer. I am in no way a competent percussionist. It was difficult to mime in sync with a track on an instrument that I simply don’t fully know although, being truly honest I was more than happy to put myself forward to do what was needed for the benefit of the group. It obviously would have been ideal if we had an actual drummer to fill the role but they are circumstances where you have to the best with what you have.

Despite these negatives, one positive outshines everything else. Sometimes it just so happens you reciprocate and mix well with someone else in regards to getting a product done. This particular group led by one individual approached me with charisma, a clear direction and knew that he wanted to film us. He was grounded and acted with conviction and charisma. The end result was a more Than satisfactory video for the time we had and the deadline we had to meet.

I will finish by saying being a liaison was a frustrating and tedious role, but it was a necessary one and at the end of it, it was fulfilling and satisfying when you see a product at the end of the process.



Distant- Aubrey Park, Posted by BrandonMossMedia (2016), Last viewed on 23/5/2016

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