Electric Animals: Lyrics 

In a previous blog I mentioned how in future I will find a more effective way of pitching songs rather than via voice memos from an Iphone. Even though at home I had limited facilities I had managed to spend an evening re-recording my demos onto Cubase.

Not only did I find the quality much better (despite them being rough demos), it gave me the opportunity to experiment with some effects briefly.

I was involved in the lyrics for the chorus of “Electric Animals”. It was an interesting experience to work round lyrics that had already been written as I had to reciprocate the meaning already given to the song,

At first I had written a chorus that appeared initially to work well with the song, however when it came to recording it for a demo to be given to the media students it occurred to both me and another songwriter that it didn’t work. We recorded the melody as “la’s” as a draft although in the end this melody was discarded. It was interesting to see how some lyrics can at first appear to work and then later be simply inadequate. This could have been because the first chorus lyrics may have been written in an atmosphere of “let’s write lyrics because we need to write lyrics”. Obviously the overall outcome is to produce quality lyrics, but the first lyrics were too orientated towards to end game rather than for the objective of writing high quality lyrics for the song.

I and another writer had separately written parts for the chorus. My lyrics below are as follows:

“The dark, the light,                                                                                                                                collide, reveal.                                                                                                                                                A surge, tonight,                                                                                                                                          electric, I feel.”

These were arguably the most spontaneous lyrics I have ever written. I didn’t necessarily write them as a consequence of experimenting with any techniques. They just simply emerged. I’d like to assert that this was not out of apathy. After several listens to the demo the lyrics just came to me. I came in to present my lyrics to my fellow songwriter and producer of the song. The other songwriter had recorded a take of lyrics he had written separately and we all agreed to experiment with how both lyrics would sound together. This was an important moment for the songs creation as it definitely transformed it to something far more vibrant. We all came to a decision to have both chorus parts running parallel with each other.

I further reinforced my involvement with the project with a contribution that was recognised with approval from the team, making me really feel that I was doing my part.


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