More professional sounding demos 

In a previous blog I had mentioned how in future I will find a more effective way of pitching songs rather than via voice memos from an Iphone. Even though at home I had limited facilities I had managed to spend an evening re-recording my demos onto Cubase.

Not only did I find the quality much better (despite them being rough demos), it gave me the opportunity to experiment with some effects briefly.

Below are pictures of me experimenting with reverb and EQ. Subsequent to this experimentation, I came to the notion that using a digital audio workstation to record demos can help be a catalyst for ideas in regards to effects or mixing or arrangement. For instance, while playing back “I See Them Dead” which I had put reverb on the vocals and lowered the mids and lower ranges, I began to play lead riff ideas in D Mixolydian and D Major and began to envision what a finished product of that song would sound like. This suggests to me that despite this songs not being picked, there is every possibility of them being used in the future, whether it in another professional scenario revolving around a brief or for my own endeavours.

Finally I believe that having the demos stored on multiple storage devices I.e. hard drives, CD and a memory stick etc is a far more tangible and useful way to carry around demos compared to a voice memo which is on only one storage device.

To conclude I shall be definitely using a digital audio workstation to record demos that will be pitched.

Please Note: My Word press account unfortunately will not let me post audio tracks onto my blogs.


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