To finally conclude the project, I would first like to address how the role of “project leader” eventually became almost irrelevant. It simply came down everyone wanting to create and release a high quality product or at least the highest quality we could produce within the deadline and with the tools we had available.

To summarise my role within the team I do believe that I contributed with conviction and enthusiasm. There were times where the project felt tedious and frustrating but the challenges helped me grow in areas where I needed developing e.g. being recorded in a studio.

I played all guitar parts for “Walk like a Robot”. I sang chorus vocals, was a co-writer of lyrics and played lead guitar in “Electric Animals” and sang vocal harmonies in the second chorus of “Distant” and was the primary liaison that helped organise the filming for its music video. I firmly believe I have made a contribution to the team and helped to the best of my ability in producing a high quality product.

I also believe I have learnt more about myself as a songwriter and learnt a new approach in writing lyrics based around Bowie’s Cut up Technique.

There are certain aspects I would like to improve on or at least make more of a contribution with, especially mixing and I aim to become far more engaged in the sound engineering aspects of a project and I definitely need to improve and develop these skills to become more confident and competent in a studio which will be of paramount importance in professional scenarios that revolve around producing a product.

Our free three track E.P is available to listen to on our website:



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